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Blink Optician Management Software

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The Blink Optician Management Software uses menu structures and page layouts that will be familiar to anyone used to surfing the web. Our expertise in web-enabled software coupled with the input from experienced, practising opticians means that the Blink Optician Management Software is easy to use and all that you need to manage your practice.


If you require advice on developing a website for your practice we offer all Blink customers a discount when they use generationNET to develop their website.


Blink Opticians Software is the latest product to come from generationNET ltd. We have a history of web development and have been producing software for opticians for the last 10 years. We are a small team focused on your optical business, which is why we can offer you all the support you need to make our software work for you and your practice.

Blink Features

Across the various versions of Blink, you can; record patient demographics, track previous and next examination dates and use them to manage your patient recalls, manage practice appointments with an individual diary for each optom, conduct & record comprehensive patient examinations as well as dispensing data.

Laser Eye Surgery

Blink OMS is used in the Leicester based Laser Eye Surgery Clinic – Optyco.

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  • Sight Aid International We are pleased to support by providing them with a free Blink System.  The charity was set up by an existing Blink user and we wanted to help by providing services and promoting the great work that they do in Kenya.
  • American Blink Released Following the trial of Blink by Eric from Ohio we have now addressed some obvious US related issues with Blink, such as; date formatting and currency signs, as well as changing labels and adding lists of the US states and main insurance companies. So Blink is now ready to enter the US market and we Continue Reading
  • Great Prices We think that the Blink Patient Management System offers great value for money. Choose the version that suits your practice best.